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Holiday Prairie Flower block swap

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    Snake in the basement

    My sewing room is in the basement along with the laundry room, 2 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom and a room we call the junk room. There is a good reason why it's called the junk room.

    As I am going downstairs to do some sewing after a long 10 hour day at work, this is how I relax, low and be hold there on the floor right by my sewing chair is this big, long, fat, juicy snake. Yes, I screamed and jumped almost hitting my head on the ceiling. As I stared at the monster with his long forked tongue sticking out at me I realized I was in a predicament. My husband was out side working on a project and I had left my phone upstairs and couldn't call him while I kept an eye on this thing.

    I yelled for Chopper, my trusty dog, who came to my rescue. Well at least I thought he was going to rescue me. I got his attention on the snake. As he slowly walked over to investigate this creature I jetted up the stairs to get my husband hoping that Chopper would keep the snake occupied long enough for my husband to get it. NOT! The chicken was right behind me on the stairs.

    Long story short......My husband did get the snake, it hadn't moved from the spot. Questions now are...How did the snake get into the basement? Where did it come in at? AND Are there any more?

    I will not be sewing for a little while until my husband checks the basement real good to make sure there are no more.

    I guess if you look on the bright side I will not be doing laundry neither.

    Oh, Kay - that is awful! Just glad you got out before it could get you. Doesn't make me feel good, now that we will be finishing off our basement soon to have MY sewing room put there. I will be keeping my eyes open every minute. Hopefully, this was the only one and your husband will find the hole it came through and block it.


      We haven't found anywhere that it could have come through at so I'm thinking we need to replace some basement windows just to be sure.


        Wow! I don't think I'd ever be able to sew down there again!!!! I'm shuddering just thinking about


        Holiday Prairie Flower block swap

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        Using the tutorial Easy Prairie Flower Quilt with Jenny, we will create blocks using Christmas/Holiday/Winter prints.
        You will be making 21 blocks, keeping 1 for yourself and sending 20 to share with the group.

        Here is the link to the video we will be following in making the Prairie Flower Block PLD5EF21A981F69C28

        Your blocks, according to the video, will turn out to be a 13” square this is incorrect. Your block will be approximately 14".

        Join the group for more details.
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