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Holiday Prairie Flower block swap

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    Group is now closed

    We asked for 20 and now have 21members.

    Thank you to those in the first group with Grampz. I know he will be pleased that you rejoined this group and a BIG welcome to all the new comers.

    For those new to this swapping business please ask your questions, others might have the same questions and that is how you will learn and grow as a swapper.

    There has been 1 correction, your block will be approximately 14" and NOT 13". Thanks to some math magicians in this group.

    Don't forget to post pictures to show off your progress. Most of all have fun making your blocks.

    So.......are we going to make 21 blocks total now? Maybe use the extra one for a pillow?? Just an idea......


      Could add borders to one block and make an 18" pillow?? OMG! Ideas flowing! Could put a zipper on it and make other covers for other holidays.......Could be your holiday throw pillow! Ok, I'm done now, lol!


        PSS, we could start another group for holiday pillow covers! Specify the size , see how many holidays we could come up with and assign each person a holiday to send to everyone else! The only hard thing would be a zipper, but you sure would be good at it by the time you're done! And it would be a large zipper anyways. Then everyone would have one "holiday" pillow and not have to store whole pillows! What do you think? OR am I 😉?


          OK, I am done now��



            I am thrilled that we have 21 people in the swap and I have no problem making 21 blocks! I think the pillow idea is a great one, but maybe we should let everyone decide what they want to do with the extra block.
            "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


              Pillow idea is a good idea. I'll start a new post asking the group.


              Holiday Prairie Flower block swap

              About this Group

              Using the tutorial Easy Prairie Flower Quilt with Jenny, we will create blocks using Christmas/Holiday/Winter prints.
              You will be making 21 blocks, keeping 1 for yourself and sending 20 to share with the group.

              Here is the link to the video we will be following in making the Prairie Flower Block

              Your blocks, according to the video, will turn out to be a 13” square this is incorrect. Your block will be approximately 14".

              Join the group for more details.
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