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Holiday Prairie Flower block swap

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    Directional fabric

    So, when I bought my fabric I really did not think about it being directional. And of course both that I bought were directional and would not look right if they weren't all laying the same direction. It took a little bit of thought but it easily works. Here are some helpful hints:

    Fabric 1: the middle blocks. These are the blocks that form the flower petal (the one with the white squares forming the point). Divide your 80 5" squares into 4 stacks with all stacks facing the same direction (for mine it had snowmen, etc on them so I made sure they were all facing up, not upside down or sideways). Place a piece of paper on stack one saying "top", then one "bottom" one "right" and one "left". When you sew the "top" stack, make sure the point points to the top, the bottom the point points to the bottom, etc. That way, in all four of those petals the fabric will be laying in the same direction.

    Fabric 2 - the corner blocks. Divide your 80 blocks into 2 stacks. One one stack place the white square on the right upper and left lower corner. For the other stack place the white in the left upper and the right lower corner. This will keep those all facing the same direction.

    Hope that makes sense. If your fabric is not directional you can just chain piece away......

    Spiff aka:Master quilter,
    Thank you for all the great information. This will help if someone has picked up directional fabric.


    Holiday Prairie Flower block swap

    About this Group

    Using the tutorial Easy Prairie Flower Quilt with Jenny, we will create blocks using Christmas/Holiday/Winter prints.
    You will be making 21 blocks, keeping 1 for yourself and sending 20 to share with the group.

    Here is the link to the video we will be following in making the Prairie Flower Block PLD5EF21A981F69C28

    Your blocks, according to the video, will turn out to be a 13” square this is incorrect. Your block will be approximately 14".

    Join the group for more details.
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