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    Feedback received

    Good morning everyone and Happy New Year. I have received a little feedback from some of the players and I wanted to pass it on. This is not to make anyone feel bad and there is no finger pointing so please don't anyone take it that way. I am just going to pass on things that were said to me for you to consider.

    Please remember that there should be a light side and a dark side to your HSTs. Although we are not mandating that you use a white/cream, etc on your light half there should be a marked difference in the 2 sides. Some feel that they have received HSTs that there really was not much difference between the 2 sides and it made it difficult for them to use it in their planned projects.

    Also, please remember to shorten your stitch length when you sew these. There have been some HSTs that have started to pull apart when they are pressed and it is probably because the stitch length had not been shortened.

    If you are not using the Laundry Basket papers, please make sure the paper you use is fairly thin. Some folks have had stitches stretch and or pull out when trying to remove some of the heavier paper.

    Again, things for you to consider. No quilt police here!! If anyone has any other thoughts they would either like to share with the group or have me share with the group, you know where to find me. Happy sewing everyone! Debbie

    Thanks for these reminders. I agree with all of them.


      Thank you for these great reminders.


        Thank you for the reminders. I know I'm guilty of forgetting to shorten my stitch length, its usually the 2nd or 3rd set that I remember.


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        Let's have fun with Round 13 of our HST swap. Open to everyone! We will be swapping up to 6 sets of HST's using the Laundry Basket Quilts paper. Rules for swap 13 are included in a message below.
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