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    End of year cleaning

    Hi folks. We have had a lot of folks who joined for one or two swaps and have not participated again in a while. I sent e-mails out to those folks double checking to see if they were still interested. I only heard back from 2 and they both asked to be removed. So, I have removed a bunch of folks from the group. If I have removed you by mistake, please rejoin the group!!

    I did the clean up as it was becoming a bit overwhelming for me to send out PM's to this large of a group as reminders. But again, ALL are welcome. The more the merrier - so if I removed you and you are still interested - rejoin! And if you are thinking of joining - jump on in. The water is fine. This is a fun group and you will love the HSTs you receive in the swap.
2" HST Group

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Let's have fun with Round 13 of our HST swap. Open to everyone! We will be swapping up to 6 sets of HST's using the Laundry Basket Quilts paper. Rules for swap 13 are included in a message below.
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