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    Some tips

    So, I have sorted all those HSTs and am starting to iron open and get some ready for a project. As I am doing that a couple "tips" came to mind. As we have new folks I thought I would mention them.

    1. Decrease your stitch length when sewing these. (I generally take my length down to at least 2 if not smaller). This does two things, it decreases the likelihood your stitches will come out and it makes it easier to remove the paper.

    2. Place the paper on the lighter fabric - i.e. dark fabric face up, light fabric face down and then paper. This allows you to iron "to the dark side" without having to remove the paper first. That seems to help keep the fabric from stretching as you iron them open.

    Anyone have any other tips for us?

    I have a small padded iron mat that I put the pieces fabric side down on and the I run a hera marker over the the paper next to the stitches or a stylus. Seems to help release the paper because it's weaker at the perforation/ sewing line
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      Oh, I am going to try that. I have a whole stack ironed open and ready to have the paper removed. Now to find that hera marker - I know I have one somewhere!


        Are you squaring yours up before you iron them open or after. I noticed that some might be slightly larger/smaller and was just wondering what everyone else might be doing.


          Please check your tension after sewing a seam. I've had to undo several HST's due to bad tension issues where the thread was sitting on top of the fabric rather than being buried. I also think it would be helpful if we use a thinner thread, like a 50wt.


            kderr, technically, by using the papers, all of the HST's should be the same size, assuming accurate cutting. I have noticed that some of the papers appear to be copies. I have not measured them so I don't know if the size is consistent with the original triangle papers.


              I do know there are a few that are 2" before being sewn. When I noticed it, I contacted the person that had sent them and she corrected the issue with her next batch. When I was sorting mine, I found several like that. They were pretty easy to pick out as they just didn't "look right". Other than pulling those couple out I have not been doing anything with them such as squaring up.


                goofyizzy, you are correct assuming accurate cutting which is what I was referring to when I noticed some are slightly smaller/larger. I also have noticed the tension on some which I will also resew to secure. It's not enough off that I can not use them. Trust me none will go to waste. I believe I will find the smallest one and just go with that size for the project that I want to do so that I can utilize all the HST's. I just love the assortment that I have been receiving.


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