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    Round 6 Rules

    Welcome back to all of our previous players and a big welcome to any new members. For this swap we are doing players choice for fabric selection. That means you can select any fabric(s) you want, just remember there should be a dark and a light side. This one will be truly scrappy!

    Each member can send as few as 2 and as many as 4 of the completed Laundry Basket Quilt HST papers (each paper makes 28 HSTs). You will then receive the same number of HST's in return.

    For the new folks, for each paper, you will need a 6 1/2 X 22" piece of light fabric and another of dark fabric As before, let's not use any solid colors for this swap but instead use prints or a color on color pattern. You will sew per the directions and cut them out but do not iron open or tear off the paper. You can sign the paper if you chose when you send them in (folks commented on how nice it was to know who did the squares the last swap)

    Each set of 28 should be placed in a separate zip lock bag and be mailed to me. So for every member, I should receive between 2 to 4 bags depending on how many of the sheets you decide to swap. Once I receive them all, I will break them down and mail back to you the same number of HSTs as you mailed in.

    Please make no more than 2 sets of any fabric so the results are truly scrappy.

    There is a video that explains this a little better than I probably am. Take a look at the swap 4 rules for a link to the video.

    For our returning players, you will need to purchase your own papers. Also, if you could either send me a PM or reply to this thread and let me know you are going to play this round (if you have not already done so) - that will allow me to know who to expect papers from. If you mailing address has changed, please let me know.

    For any new folks, please send me a PM with your name and mailing address. In the past round, I offered to send new folks 2 of the papers so they had an opportunity to try this once and see if it was something they were interested in doing again. That offer is still open so let me know if you want the papers. If you are interested in swapping the full 4 sets, you will need to purchase your own papers.

    Deadline for mailing HSTs this swap is September 1st. You can find my address in my user notes. Please include $3 with your HSTs to cover the return shipping costs.

    Feel free to ask any questions here or PM me. Happy scrappy fun!

    I will do my best to complete this round. I love players choice.
    I will send 4.


      I'm in! I had a fun time with the Blue and White, they are staring at me waiting their turn at the sewing table currently, I have changed what I intend to do with them about 500 times in my head LOL.
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      3. Scare them :icon_woot:


        I'm in! I have had a lot of fun with this and I am amassing a large number of HSTs!


          i'm in for the next round. I like the players choice. Still collecting. Haven't decided what I'm doing with them all. I love looking to see where they all come from.


            I am also in. I somehow thought that round 5 & 6 were going to be blue so already have blue fabric lined up. Will have to decide if I will stick with it or change it up.


              Count me in. I have mind done already just need to get them mailed now.


                I'm in as well


                  I'm in...


                    I'm in again, too.
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                      I'm in.......


                        I am in : ) Happy 4th everyone!


                          Round 6 for me!


                            I am in again. I love this swap.


                              Count me in.


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