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PICU Quilts in Honor of Gabe

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    Got Five Ready!

    Work really gets in the way of me whipping up a kids quilt when ever I feel like it. Well, in the past week I have buckled down and finished up five quilts! One top I pieced and the others, were 2 cheater panels that were given to me by Deb ( I think, I am terrible with names. She's the user in Iceland!) and two others I had pieced a while back and finally sandwiched and quilted. There are two in the washer right now, so maybe when I get home from work tomorrow I can take pictures.

    Now, if I can just remember to throw then in the truck and bring them with me to Missouri this year ...
    K is for Karen 😊​..................
    Cremation - My last hope for a smokin' hot body.

    Before you speak,
    T - is it TRUE?
    H - is it HELPFUL?
    I - is it INSPIRING?
    N - is it NECESSARY?
    K - is it KIND?

    Please do post the pictures I am trying to learn how to make kid friendly quilts my last one came out kinda wonky and I need to see accomplishments before I get started on any new projects.


    PICU Quilts in Honor of Gabe

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    This group is to make quilts for me to take to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital twice a year, in honor of my grand son. The goal is 50 every 6 months. We also take pillow cases
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