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PICU Quilts in Honor of Gabe

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    When to Send

    Sorry if this seems to be a silly question but when do you want them sent to you? I have one done but am planning on making more. Do you want them all at once or as I get them done. Either way is fine.

    I think it is amazing all that you and other members have done so far and I am glad I can help in some small way.

    No silly questions here. If you want to make more, just send them all at once. She has been taking them to the hospital sometime in June and then again in the Fall, around Thanksgiving I think. I have 3 that have been ready to quilt for a year, but with DH's health issues, I haven't found time to quilt them. I think some people even send her the tops and she quilts them, but I am determined to send finished quilts this year, if I do nothing else. I would like to do at least 6 this year.
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      I receive them all year round. I have people that send one at a time, and some that send several. What ever is easier for you. Postage wise, it is cheaper to send one at a time, because several in a package to send the price up quite a bit. Like I said, whatever is comfortable for you.
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        And then some people make a whole pile of them, planning on delivering them in person, and then they forget them and end up having to pay a buttload of postage anyway ...
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          LOL,, sounds like something I would do.. I'm sending one next week,, I think I'm really going to like this,, I make so many tops and have no where for them.... plus using up fabric... going to try one for the Circle of Comfort as well...
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          PICU Quilts in Honor of Gabe

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          This group is to make quilts for me to take to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital twice a year, in honor of my grand son. The goal is 50 every 6 months. We also take pillow cases
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