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PICU Quilts in Honor of Gabe

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    New Pictures?

    I saw the new pictures, are these the ones you have gotten recently or made yourself? Are these the Elusive Karen quilts? They are awesome. Really cute. I am getting back on mine today. My one. LOL. But, I will throw a pillow case in too now that I see you take them!

    Hehe, none of the ones posted are the ones I made. I have an album with all of this fall's quilts in it, except the one string flannel I made.
    K is for Karen 😊​..................
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    PICU Quilts in Honor of Gabe

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    This group is to make quilts for me to take to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital twice a year, in honor of my grand son. The goal is 50 every 6 months. We also take pillow cases
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