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    new to group

    I figured it was high time I join in with this wonderful/caring group. I searched through the posts and found the tutorial along with a few other necessary items but I am left with a few questions. Should I be making blocks and sending? finished tops and sending? finished quilts and sending? What is the preference? In general are quilts for men, women, teens or children needed?

    I hope I can be of help with the group.

    Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!

    Beth, the easy answer to your question is "all of the above." Some people send fabric, some blocks, some tops and some completed quilts. What ever you are comfortable with doing. Or, if you know of someone in your community you can make and give a quilt without ever sending it to Blondie. As for who quilts are needed for, again, all of the above. Mostly I think it is adults, but once in a while Blondie will ask for a child themed quilt.
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      And don't forget the financial support. I think these quilts cost about $14.00 to mail them to the recipients. Money can be used to purchase batting and batting for the ones she completes too. She does use her email for PayPal account if you care to donate.


        Just so you know that this group is still very much active.
        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


          OK I'm in. Will make a quilt, provide backing and batting but I can't quilt it sorry. I'll get started on it once my SS mini quilt is done which I hope is done by Christmas. It maybe mini but boy it's a huge project LOL.


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          A Circle of Comfort has been nicknamed COC - these are quilts made and sent to those who need a quilty hug and reminder that they are thought of, necessary, prayed for and loved
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