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tote bags for children's shelter in Illinois

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    No bags needed at this time

    Night's Shield is still operating but it has shifted its focus to helping families and children short-term. At this time they are not housing children in foster care (usually taken from a home because of the parents' activities) but rather taking children short-term so parents can get medical care, go to job interviews, or attend rehab.

    Tote bags are not needed at this time but if Night's Shield shifts back to taking foster children, the need will resume.
tote bags for children's shelter in Illinois

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A small number of women in southern Illinois are making tote bags for Night's Shield, a children's shelter in West Frankfort, Illinois. This shelter has served over 1000 children in the five+ years it has been opened. When it takes kids in, they bring their clothing, etc. in plastic garbage bags. When it sends children on to foster care or other care, it gives them three changes of clothing, school supplies, etc. Rather than sending these items in trash bags, Night's Shield has asked us to make fabric tote bags. We have made hundreds and hundreds of these bags, we have lost count.

Can you make some bags for us? Any fabric is fine. We make them about the size of a standard pillowcase (roughly 20" x 30&quot and add handles, usually out of self-fabric. Size can vary, they are not picky.

Or if you have extra yardage, you can send that to me and I will make tote bags or pass it on to some other women who will. I'm not sure where I add contact info, I will post this and then add more information as n
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