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Temperature/Weather quilt 2020

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    Hi all!

    Since several people seemed interested in doing temperature and/or weather quilts, I thought I'd make a group for us to collect our thoughts and post our WIP photos. Anyone is welcome, and feel free to join mid-year. There's no reason your quilt has to pick Jan 1 as your start date!

    The general concept of a temperature quilt is a quilt that somehow captures the temperature at your location throughout the year. It can be as simple as using specific colors to represent the temperature for each day's high, but you can make it more complex if you feel ambitious. There are no rules on the layout or even what the color scheme must look like, though most people assign a gradient of colors with cooler colors representing the lower temps and warmer colors representing the high temps.

    You can make the quilt layout square, rectangular, in rows, or whatever else makes sense to you.

    Some people sew a block a day, others save up a week and do it all at once. There are no hard and fast rules other than: have fun!

    I’m wondering where everyone gets their daily weather readings...I don’t watch any weather on tv, and my phone app just shows the projected highs and lows. Once it clicks over midnight, you lose the actual temp readings.


      Here's a site where you can look up past weather information, in case you miss a day:

      It's usually a couple days behind, but it's a good way to play catch up, and it includes precipitation/snowfall.


        Ok, this sounds like fun! Would love to join in!
        😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



        Temperature/Weather quilt 2020

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