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Piece & Cut BOMs 2015

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    October 2016 BOM

    This month's BOM uses HSTs and Boston Blocks

    Boston Block directions -

    Here is the layout of the individual "blocks" - HSTs and Bostons

    You will need to make 4 different blocks. For one Quilt Block you will make 4 of each block

    Here are a couple of quilt suggestions. I used the same colors in the first one and in the second one I played with color placement

    I used to make color sheets of my quilt blocks so people could play with colors.
    So here are a couple of color sheets you can copy off and try out some color options

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    I really like this one. Hope to be all caught up after the holidays. Thank you


      You're welcome!! Nov and Dec are coming as soon as I get the block directions done for Nov

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        Ditto what kderr said!

        Sheep Farmer by day....sigpic....Quilter-in-Training by night
        The Farmmyfarm


          Sorry I'm so behind on this. I do have the next one ready to post. I just need to remember how to post PDFs again. LOL

          I really would like to know if others are following along. so if you are please post just so I can know if you are out there!! LOL

          thanks K and Sheep for following and letting me know you are there. I often wonder if I have an audience or not. I love sharing but dont' want to feel I am spitting in the wind. Ya know? Thanks so much everyone!!

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          Piece & Cut BOMs 2015

          About this Group

          Quilt Blocks designed by Rhonda and posted each month. Quilt along and make a sampler with the Blocks of the Month posted in this group!

          There will be 12 blocks to choose from or make them all!

          Directions for the shortcut Blocks

          I send out a 2 1/2" free template if you need one. Just send me your postal address.

          These quilt blocks will either be 6 rows of 6 squares each or a 4 rows of 4 squares each.

          For the 6 x 6 you need a 2 1/2" = 12 1/2"
          For the 4 x 4 you need a 3 1/2" = 12 1/2"

          Templates to make a different size quilt block

          1 1/2" =6 1/2" unfinished quilt block
          3 1/2" = 18 1/2" unfinished quilt block.
          4" = 21 1/2"
          4 1/2" = 24 1/2"
          5" 27 =1/2" and
          5 1/2" = 30 1/2"
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