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    Background Blocks

    On to the background blocks....after I do a bit of calculation and planning. I'm unfortunately going to have to complicate this a bit for myself. I actually want to hang this quilt on the wall but it's too big for my largest wall. D said we couldn't add a wall anywhere so the only other option is to shrink the quilt a bit. I am going to try to eliminate a round of the background diamonds to make the quilt smaller by about 12" on each side while still keeping the color gradiation in the quilt from dark grey to lighter grey.

    I think this will work. I hope.

    So excited - got the top almost finished. Just need to sew the top half to the bottom half. Woo Hoo ! Mine's a bit different than the original pattern. I did eliminate a round of the background diamonds but decided to go with just black background pieces instead of the color gradiation in the background pieces. I love it. I might need to add a 1" black border just to frame it a bit without adding too much size. I'd post a couple of pictures but it's dark out.


    Gravity (Jaybird Quilts)

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    A group for people who want to make the Gravity quilt by Jaybird Quilts. I am super excited - but also super nervous. Hoping to exchange inspiration, insight, advice, etc. from others interested in making this beautiful quilt.
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