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    Gravity Quilt Kit Available

    Just picked up my Gravity Quilt Kit at my LQS. The fabric is gorgeous and I cannot wait to get started. There are 114 colors used in this quilt so thank goodness for a kit

    This modern look is definitely my style but I'd love to see what it looks like in other fabrics as well.

    Oh my goodness!!! Mine just arrived! I love that you take them out in the order they are stacked. I'll be extra careful not to mess the sequence up!! After looking at the pattern, it will go together easy!

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      I'm thinking of using the new Eden line from Tula pink for this, it might me too wild. But then again, it might be ah--maz--ing. I haven't started yet because I hadn't ordered the templates (assuming I could just make my own) but I think, at least for me, they may actually be essential. So, here I wait, flitting from one WIP to another waiting for the templates.


        Craftsy has the kit on sale for $129.50. SMOKING DEAL. I paid $180.00(ish) for mine back in March.


          My templates are here. WOW are they big. totally not expecting that. I'm happy for it though, I'm not a person who enjoys lots of little fussy pieces. Now, I have to finish about 4 or 5 WIPs before I can even THINK about starting this one.


            I paid $300 for kit in Canada plus the cost of the templates, which came to about $80. Since I decided to make it larger - King size, I bought extra fabrics of the brays for another $50. Then the batting, another 40. So far this is pretty expensive, but I think it will look awesome. I am almost finished, but had to set aside to work on other project for craft show. That might seem like a lot of money but add at least 39% for exchange on money, then customs and duty. That's why I love taking trips to US. At least I'm allowed $800 duty free. The templates were and have been extremely useful and well designed. I have made two smaller quilts using them. Oh - did I mention, my husband also quilts and bought same kit and his own templates. He is making his the original size.

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            Gravity (Jaybird Quilts)

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            A group for people who want to make the Gravity quilt by Jaybird Quilts. I am super excited - but also super nervous. Hoping to exchange inspiration, insight, advice, etc. from others interested in making this beautiful quilt.
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