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    Any tips for someone just starting to make blocks

    I'm a little late to the party. I just got my book this week. Any advice for someone just starting out? Do you cut the fabric for each block or do you cut lots of strips and then subcut when you need them.

    I cut mine one block at a time only as I am ready to make the block. Things that I have learned...
    1.heavily starch fabric prior to cutting
    2.use a scant 1/4" seam
    3.trim after each section of the block is completed
    Hope this helps you, different quilters will find different techniques may work best for them.

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      These blocks seem to use a lot of different size strips and so I cut as I go. I have a box of small pieces and use them when I can. I am making mostly the 6" blocks so a lot of the "snowball" corners are 1" squares - even a few 3/4inch. Asta is right, scant 1/4" seam and measure as you go. I like to nest seams instead of press open, and I have found that it works best for me to finger press the first seams so that I can make them go the direction I want when putting rows together. There are a lot of seams in some of these little blocks. They are fun to make, though, and my accuracy is improving.
      A few times I have used a different way of making parts of the blocks, like making flying geese using the 4 at a time no waste method and making triangle squares in multiples instead of one at a time and cutting off half the fabric. This saves time and fabric if you are familiar with them - if you are not, the pattern's way will work fine.
      These are fun blocks and look great together on my design wall. I actually am trying to do one or two a week as it makes a quick project that I can complete between other activities. Please post your blocks, it is fun to see how other people make them with different fabrics.
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        Thanks for the advice. I'm getting ready to go on vacation and would like to take some fabric and sew some blocks when I get a chance. I think I'll do the 6" blocks. I would like to make the barn quilt with the quilt blocks on it. I've been watching the photos of the blocks everyone has made and they look so cute! I can't wait to get started.


          I highly recommend Deb Tucker's Wing Clipper for Flying Geese and Tucker Trimmer for HSTs. They've been life savers for me.


          Farm Girl Vintage Sew-a-Long / January 2017

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          This group will be our meeting place for a sew-a-long for Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage book. We can use this meeting place to share our blocks, ask questions, seek help, and encourage each other.

          I'm excited to get started with these blocks and hope to meet others interested in the same.

          Now is the time to get your book and fabrics together for a January 2017 kick off!
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