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Farm Girl Vintage Sew-a-Long / January 2017

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    Weeks 15 - 17, April 3rd through April 17

    These weeks are coming and going faster than I imagined. I hope you're still enjoying this group and all the precious blocks we are all making and sharing. It's going to be exciting to see everyone's finished quilt. They are all very unique and carry a little of each of our own personalities in them. Will you be keeping, gifting, or donating your quilt? I'll be keeping mine as it is one of my favorites and adds a special touch to my collection.

    Week 15 (April 3) Farmhouse Block
    Week 16 (April 10) Feed and Seed Block
    Week 17 (April 17) Fresh Pears Block

    Happy Monday and happy sewing!

    I am behind and someone was helping me organize some things and now I can not find my book. Probably will find it when I am not looking for it, that is how it usually goes. Grrrr!


      I plan on keeping my quilt for the quest room. I am still enjoying the group and I have one last incubator of eggs to hatch and then my sewing area is mine again. Hope to start sewing again soon. Outside stuff was put off again today. Got 11 inches of snow in 2 hours. So Ready for spring.


        Are we skipping the Farm Fresh Flower Block on page 26? Maybe that was last weeks block and I missed it. I will look again.


          Catching up this week. I have posted my latest blocks. I did do the Farm Fresh Flower Block. Hoping to get the Fresh Pears done today. Some of these 6" blocks have some tiny pieces, and I am always amazed when they actually come out to size - doing these blocks must be improving my accuracy!
          sigpicIf you can't see the mistake from the back of a galloping horse, nobody is going to notice it.


            Slowing down. The kettle is next on my list. I have to make 10 quilts of valor by end of July. Oh, my. 6 already sent to quilter. It will all get done.
            Having trouble attaching photo, was going to post 2nd group of 9 blocks but keeps giving me an error message.
            I agree those 6" blocks are a challenge when there are multiple tiny pieces.


              I too am falling behind, my design wall looks nice with the blocks I have completed tho.

              Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


              Farm Girl Vintage Sew-a-Long / January 2017

              About this Group

              This group will be our meeting place for a sew-a-long for Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage book. We can use this meeting place to share our blocks, ask questions, seek help, and encourage each other.

              I'm excited to get started with these blocks and hope to meet others interested in the same.

              Now is the time to get your book and fabrics together for a January 2017 kick off!
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