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Farm Girl Vintage Sew-a-Long / January 2017

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    It's Time for Show and Tell (Blocks 1-8)

    It's time for our first Show and Tell. Please take a picture of your first eight blocks and post it. Tell us something you learned, you enjoyed, you disliked, etc. If you haven't finished eight blocks, post a picture of the ones you've made.

    I'll go first....

    I've learned that my blocks will not be as precise as I'd like them because some of these snowballed corners are tee-tiny!

    I've loved seeing all of your blocks. They've inspired me.

    I've enjoyed making every block and love being able to check them off my list as I complete them! It's my favorite part.

    I've made my flying geese!

    There's not been really anything I've disliked about this process, etc.

    (I'll ask Summer to post my picture. She has been a doll to post pictures of my blocks for me as I can't seem to do it from my iPad no matter what I try.)

    I'll have to post a pic tomorrow. I have been enjoying this process, just wish my DH would like this type of quilt (sampler style) so he would start to show the proper amount of enthusiasm about it.

    posted! blocks 1-9

    Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


      This is my first time making 12 inch blocks, so I have learned they are way more forgiving than 6 inch blocks.

      I have really enjoyed the animal blocks, I have only made animals before with applique and paper piecing, so really loving the piecing turning into an a actual shape.

      I disliked or miss the using of smaller scrap pieces when I make the 12 inch block.

      I am unsure now, as I look at the 6 and 12 inch blocks together if maybe the 6 inch blocks might look better with a small sashing between them before being sewn together into a 12 inch block. Which means some math in adding the 12 inch blocks to them. So on the fence about that. Though I do like the look so far of smaller and bigger blocks together. Any words of wisdom? Remember I have only been quilting about a year so it needs to be fairly simple for me to grasp. Thanks.


        Thanks for making me accountable and keeping me on track. If the barn blocks in the book were not so stinkin' cute, I could get by just making the 12" blocks. Trying to make 2 blocks a week to stay ahead. My husband says he would have quit by now but still feeling motivated.


        Farm Girl Vintage Sew-a-Long / January 2017

        About this Group

        This group will be our meeting place for a sew-a-long for Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage book. We can use this meeting place to share our blocks, ask questions, seek help, and encourage each other.

        I'm excited to get started with these blocks and hope to meet others interested in the same.

        Now is the time to get your book and fabrics together for a January 2017 kick off!
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