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    Fabric Reqts.?

    I know we can substitute the overall color scheme, and I know there are no quilt police. However, for those of you that have done Bonnie's Mystery Quits before ...

    1) if a color way group (e.g., Impulsive Purple - darkest purples) calls for 2 yards and Bonnie's pic shows a variety of 13 different fabrics, is it safe to assume I should try to also have that many different fabrics in that color way (or else the quilt will come out WAY different in the end)? And ...

    2) are you basically getting about 1 FQ for EACH fabric variety in EACH color way? So, in the case above -- 13 FQ's of Impulsive Purple?

    Thanks in advance for your help. I've never done a Mystery Quilt and despite Bonnie's great instructions so far, I still didn't quite "get" it (regarding the questions I posted above).

    Also, am planning to do this quilt as a Leader/Ender project!
    Blessings, DramaMama

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    Can't help much since this is my first MQ also, but I have been reading a lot of the astonishing number of facebook posts (can you tell I am not a facebook person!). And it seems that Bonnie keeps it loose as far as recommending amounts except for the constant where she recommends a single piece of yardage and the background neutrals where she recommends as much variety as possible and using small strips - like 10 inches - to mix it up entirely. From what I can tell people use fat quarters or half yards, but also use scraps where they might have just a couple strips of a print. I've seen her recommend in a couple places that more prints add light and depth to a design. I've been aiming for 10 each, but I didn't reach that number of lavenders which I only had 2 of in the stash. Also had to shop for greens as mine were mostly too light from what she recommended in the color tool article. I did go by the 3 in 1 Color Tool for choosing shades of my colors because I already had this tool from a Craftsy workshop and I really love it. It just works for me. So I went by that and had to shop for green, yellow and lavender as well as neutral prints. But i figure I will then have these prints in my stash for a future Bonnie Hunter pattern or anything else for that matter! Well enough of my rambling. Hopefully someone who has done a MQ will add to this discussion from their experience of how a previous MQ turned out for them.


      Good morning, this is my first MQ. I'll be glad to share with you my perspective and how I gathered my fabrics.

      1) I did not go with Bonnie's colors. I gathered my fabrics for the colors I picked, I just made sure I had equal yardage. For example: If Bonnie's instruction called for one yard of red, I picked my "stash" reds up to one yard. For me, I only had four neutrals so my four patches are all the same.

      2) I am using fat quarters. I did not attempt to match the number of fat quarters Bonnie showed in her pictures. Others than my neutrals and my constant, I have approximately 6-8 different FQs per color category. As long as my total FQ yardage was equal to or greater than the instructions, I went with it.

      I've noticed that some folks are using only one fabric for each color way. I almost did this, but then I decided to pull from two FQ bundles I had in my stash. I happened to have two of the same FQ bundle.

      I hope this helps!


        Hi, this is my fourth Bonnie Hunter's Mystery so far, and I love them for all I have learnt along the road.

        Bonnie is a scrappy quilter. She gives generous general amounts of fabric requirements in each color scheme, and leaves it to you to complete that amount with one fabric of each color, or zillions of scraps.

        In my previous Mystery Quilts, sometimes I would use a different constant than her. Sometimes I would have 8 different fabrics for one color, but only a variety of 3 from another color. It didn't matter at all, the result would be stunning anyway. For this one, I am combining yardage and scraps I keep sliced in strips, sorted by color. The important thing is, to pay attention to the contrast between colors. The dark purples should really be noticeable against the lavenders and the magenta. (Something that doesn't show up much in my pics, because the light was lousy when I took them :P)


          yep - what lourixe said - pay close attention to the contrast of your fabrics as in Bonnie's directions
          (I learned it the hard way - this is my 5th BHMQ and i did not pay attention in my celtic solstice which was my 2nd - made a huge opps in the reveal of the overall pattern. )
          Two of my favorite things, to encourage and to be encouraged
          hugs, Suzi

          it's what i do when i'm not here sewing with you

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            Thank you all for this information and the time you spent sharing it! It is no longer clear as mud!

            Looking forward to choosing the rest of my purples and will have to purchase some greens.
            Blessings, DramaMama

            "May your bobbin always be full!"

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