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Canada 150th birthday - 2017

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    Grandma's Canadian Centennial Quilt

    My grandmother made quilts, usually for warmth and practically. For Canada's Centennial (1967) she wanted to make the logo as a quilt. She asked my brother to make the pattern and cardboard template from cereal boxes. She lived in a small village with no access to fabric stores, so she used what she had as scraps. She pieced the blocks but she died before she finished the top. My mom, who did not sew, had a friend put it together and finish it. I was really close to my grandma, so it was mine to hug and hold when I wanted her near me. It has followed me everywhere, and my kids used it when they were small, but I put it away. It has stains, some of the Reds have bled, the corners don't match, but it is perfect and a loving momento of my grandma. She is one of the reasons why I wanted to learn to quilt, and I do. My mom is my proudest supporter as she was not inclined to the sewing hobbies. I have made many quilts, for my grandkids, friends, and I hope to live a very long time, God willing in good health, to quilt for all that have touched me in my life. (Now if I could figure out how to attach photo here)

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

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Canada 150th birthday - 2017

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In this group, you can post your blocks, thoughts and quilts that you are making to honour Canada's 150th birthday. Are you using the Canada 150 logo? Just for fun and ideas.
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