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    OMG Block 18/5

    Oh My Goodness, I have just finished block 18/5 and I am normally a bit OCD about my points, seams, etc matching, but after doing these diamonds, I don't care I'm just glad to finish the block. The block isn't particularly difficult, but it is fiddly getting the points right. Oh well, I'm hoping they aren't going to be too noticeable. How are other people going? I keep trying to catch up, but these 6" blocks keep coming!

    I'm not sure how far behind I am at the moment but I think about 3 weeks. I need to get a quilt finished this weekend hopefully, start teacher gifts and then try and get caught up a little bit before I go on holiday. It's a hard job to get caught up with the 6" blocks but there's 7 months to go so hopefully I'll get there. To be honest I'm amazed I'm still doing it..........


      I just finished the April 15th block I think, so I am way way behind. I'm managing to complete 2 or 3 a day now, so I should be caught up by the end of June.
      I'm a little proud of myself for sticking to this too, Bouse.. YAY us !!
      May the road rise up to meet you...
      May the wind be always at your back...
      May you be in Heaven a half hour before the Devil knows you're dead...
      Patt :icon_wave:


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      This is a group for all quilters taking part at the 365 Challenge. Please open only a new thread in this group, if you cannot find one with the right theme. Have fun!
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