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    Hacked Website

    Did everyone notice Kathy's posting on Facebook that she has shut down her website because it has been hacked. She says that she will still email the blocks to people and post the patterns on her facebook page. There will be no links back to her website or PDF's. All I can say is there are a lot of 'Mongrels' in this world with nothing better to do than play malicious games.

    That's awful. Have people got nothing better to do with their time?


      Even though I am hopelessly behind, I still want to see the new blocks every day. This makes me angry - why would someone hack a quilting site??


        Well **** them!!! I am doing my darnest to make time for this project & some jerk comes along & messes with it. Some people are just mean!!
        How do I connect to the Facebook page?? I'm not very good at social media things.
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        Patt :icon_wave:


          Quiltfreestyle, here you go, the link to the Facebook page


            This sucks! I hope she can get it back up soon, think of all the work she's put into this...!
            ~ Anna ~

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              The web site is back up but has not been updated with the newest blocks


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