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    May's Done - How is your project coming along?

    I posted a picture of my temperature quilts. I think this is the 5th time I've remade them. I am finally happy with them. Happy enough that I can stop questioning whether I can make them better. I think/hope.

    Putting my precipitation quilt on hold for now although I am still recording the daily precipitation levels. I have remade that one 3 times and am still not happy yet with my fabric choices. It should not be this hard to find 5 blue batiks that I love that progress from light blue to dark blue. SIGH.

    Please post photos of your progress.

    I posted Jan to April and don't like it. After studying the picture I realised a) the dark green is too dark and b) the lilac and pale blue don't have enough contrast between them!

    So I have bought a nice green - more of an apple green and a very light blue. Also decided to make the days 1.5" x 4" finished so the quilt will be 46.5" x 48" without borders - it will make a nice throw. So once I get back home at the weekend I will be starting from scratch.

    However I have bought the backing etc for my April & May UFO's so need to get on with those - no excuses now!!


      I just uploaded the picture for January-May. I'm pretty pleased with it...I like the colors and the size. I finally did buy all the fabrics needed...I have been buying them as I needed them.


        Now I see that next week has 117 fabric only goes to 119. I hope we don't hit 120 (and for more reasons than just fabric...that is HOT!)


          khamilton, I love how your colors are turning out and I think the size is perfect. Great job

          Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


            Thank you! The daily strips are 2.5 x 5.5...they just fit into sandwich bags for easy storage.


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