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2017 Temperature Quilt

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    February's temperatures

    How's everyone doing with their temperature pieces? I am a little behind, alright then I have only recorded them but should get into my sewing room tomorrow to make a start.
    I have completed January and will post a picture once February is complete.

    My January is done and I'm keeping track with February. Can't wait to join the two rows together.


      I have had an epic fail!!! Just finished February and added to the grey washing which separates the months..... January blocks were mainly a tad over 2" finished but February were spot on so Feb finishes short by around 1". Will need to rip January out boo boo!! That's what you get for being slap dash my girl!!


        I finished my Feb placemat. I forgot to also take a pic of the lows on the other side but there aren't any decorations on it so it's just plain.

        I'm also starting in my mind to design a centerpiece which will list the temps and their colors. Not sure when I'll get that done.
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        2017 Temperature Quilt

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