Hi, Terry ~ Glad the storm had so little impact on you & your area. DS#1 lives in MD. They did okay, too. One small tree was uprooted & there will be the usual little branches litter to clean up. There were some tornadoes in their area, but not close to them. They live in Calvert Co. & my DIL works in Annapolis. She worked from home today. My son works at home 4 out of 5 days due to the C-19 virus; his office is in DC near the Pentagon. My son said the storm moved through quickly & the sun came out mid-day.

It's hard to know what to believe anymore. How much of the news really is accurate? We do watch the eve. news every day, but DH usually falls asleep & misses most of it. I like the human interest stories. I do have misgivings about the future of our country. We need to pray for our country, our leaders, & the upcoming election.

The C-19 has touched us indirectly. Good friends of my gr. dau. back in IL where she used to live when going to Bible school had a death in the family. She had lived with this family quite a while & their dau is her best friend & was maid of honor in her wedding. The youngest son Ricky (late 20's) died at home after testing positive at a clinic. He'd had some problems breathing one day, but seemed better the next day, so he didn't go to the hosp. His bro. found him dead the next day. Now the dad of the family is in ICU in the hosp. & not doing well. They are afraid to tell him of the son's death in case he gets overwhelmed with grief & gives up hope. Her friend & her mom have been vacationing in WA & now are driving back to IL. What sad news. My GD is taking it pretty hard.

We had a painter come & give us an estimate today to paint the exterior. He plans to come tomorrow to start caulking the cracks & any problem areas. He gave us a considerable discount, so the estimate is very reasonable.

No more time tonight. Love, Joy