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    I figured you were extremely busy. I bet you're so tired you sleep like a log at night. Just think how nice it's going to be when you're done! Take care, my friend. Don't overdo it & hurt yourself. It doesn't all have to be done today. But wouldn't it be nice if you could snap your fingers & it would be done?! God bless, Joy

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    Boy, busy isn't the word...wish I was Samatha Stevens of Bewitched!! The last of the flooring is going down today. DH is doing a splendid job...1800 sq feet. We are leaving the vinyl in the kitchen, and laundry and utility and pantry areas (another 600 sq feet) but they are in pretty good shape and look fine. I have scrubbed the cubboards and Murphy oiled them. The yard was a mess....covered in pine needles at least 8 inches deep everywhere and about 4 feet deep next to the buildings. I raked and scraped and hauled and discovered many lovely bushes. We need to rent some sort of heavy equipment to get some of the vines down on some of the big trees.
    The oven will be delivered to lowes after July 26th. Crazy how this virus has put everything on order and so few goods available. Hopefully the country will be able to catch up soon.
    There is a walmart about 10 miles from us and I feel like I'm wearing out the road going to get little things we need. soap dishes, shelf paper, waste baskets, picture hangers, ant killer, mosquito killer, flowers, and such.
    We have made two trips back to the mountains and gotten mostly tools and guns for DH but I got a few pieces of furniture and some pots and dishes. So many things I'd like to have here but time will fix it.
    Family is coming for the 4th. DH is so anxious to have it all done for them to oooh and ahh...I just wish he would step back and relax. Its fine. He wants to get 240 feet of shoe molding put down and nobody will even notice.
    He has only had the boat out once for a trial run. He needs to relax but what can I say.
    I am so glad you are my friend. God bless you.
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