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    thank you for the countertop info. I am going to get brave one day and drive to New Bern on my own. I will explore that store. It was so freekin hot today I thought I would melt. We are missing mountain weather today. We went to Washington NC to help a guy DH met on his gun forum pick blue berries. He has 500 plants and no one will work to pick them. He says he has a brewery coming next week but this week he was help=-less. It was sort of a nice adventure but we got exhausted out in the hot humidity. But thank you for thinking of me.

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    You're welcome, Terry. Both my son and DIL say the same thing as you about the heat and humidity, even though they were in Okinawa before being stationed in NC. I thought the heat and humidity when visiting Okinawa in the summer was terrible, but they say NC is worse! But....the winter in NC is very pleasant. I spent the month of January there when their little girl was born.
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