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    Thanks for your very insightful and down to earth reality check post about the virus. It is unfortunate that I find that many are putting themselves and compromised persons at risk. I agree the lack of availability of testing in the US and twiddling about while leadership should have been taking action.

    I have many friends who vacation in the US over winter months, and Canadians have been advised to get out asap. We will have a lot more cases as people return from abroad worldwide and many will test positive for the virus as they didn't have access to testing. Fortunately for them, we have a great healthcare system in place, and no one will be left on the curb.

    I hope people wake up, and realize this is serious. I don't think your post was political, although it does reflect on the current leaders. Thanks. Suzanne

  • Midge
    Suzanne. I felt so alarmed by how oblivious some members are, clearly sweet and loving people who are clueless about the danger. Your government is right in advising Canadians to get out of the US. Our national level response is disastrous. And living in a state with an informed governor and drastic measures being taken won't be enough because the organism is so infectious and has no respect for borders. Viruses are not political. You can't deny they are there, they don't care about borders and they laugh at lies that downplay the effects. Our federal government is so frightening in its incompetence at the top, I am not sure how we can get through this except by the governors of the states who are speaking out. These are very dark days, and I know all of us won't survive it. A very tough way to have your denial crushed, isn't it? I know your First Lady has COVID 19 and she will not be the only respected figure who gets it, and hopefully, recovers. Stay safe and healthy, Suzanne, and here's hoping those you love are also fortunate at this critical time.
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