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    wowzer is that the norm all the dust and possibly mold

    have just looked on the usa website
    have no connection with the person, but am surprised that this back clamp 66 is shown with all that dust, and the door cabinet with mold,
    is this a normal thing showing with all the dust and mold?,
    such a shame not closer, and lower, would love to get me dusting cloths out whip it into gleaming condition and put the machine in right way round! perhaps its good its soooo far away after all.

    You see machines in all kinds of condition on sites like eBay and Craigslist. I would rather see one like that than the ones that they have scrubbed all the finish and decals off of, though. That is a beautiful cabinet - good thing it’s a long way from me as well.
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    Vintage Sewing Machines

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