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    a restoration of a featherweight plus other info

    Hi all
    the msqc site would not load earlier, we had had thunder and lightening, it was rather frightening, lit up the whole sky, we currently have gusts and rain, was going into the bathroom earlier but enamel bath and lightning over head, decided to wait, after electrician wired bath to electrics.
    when finished and the web would not load, popped round the links, and found
    so far up to 18 pages.
    this has been interesting reading for me so thought my fellow vintage lovers also may like.
    other news you may already know,
    Leah day has created another fm design. quite like it too.
    Helen Howes our go to lady in UK for vintage sewing machine parts, has been busy sorting.
    himself is wearing the greens again
    have a great day

    Hi! (Waving back at ya from across the pond) is a great site! Lots of helpful tips there! Do you have a FW? I got one finally a couple of years ago when I stumbled upon one at a really good price. I'm looking forward to being able to quilt away from home now! And isn't Helen great? Are you on treadleon? (Do I know you? LOL I am Kim on there, but I don't post often.
    Sounds like Himself is doing better - that's gotta be good!


      Hi Annie
      Do not think we have met before, welcome to forum
      agree the site is great.
      yes have a 221, so cute they are great to sew outside with, (in slightly warmer settled weather then now) so much easier to move then the treadle down the steps for a days sewing. Nothing like outside sewing listening to nature, and the challenges of keeping the un sewn unit patches on table.
      Am not on treadle on, but it sounds to be a great resource.
      Helen has helped me out a number of times, with the fleet, (now downsized) flock or what ever call a small group of sewing machines,
      my fleet now is 2 x 201 treadles, one an aluminium and the other an cast 201 with the wider harp, a Bradbury treadle made in Lancashire, plus the 221.
      which makes it easy to put the buttonholer, zigzagger, 1/4 foot, and walking foot all to use at the same time without time loss switching out feet
      Today himself's had an unplanned gravity experiment, says it was a shock but bounced, himself says is ok, (Am thankful for him being ok) still wearing the green lenses and magnetic's. we went to hospital for tests on me, and think the early rise contributed to himself's gravity experiment.
      looks like wind and rain for next few days.
      we are hoping to get some hot water tomorrow, its a long story, but been boiling pans of water, himself's been carrying to a bucket in bath and using a battery powered shower for the basics of showers, we are survivors of a situation of nobody's fault, just the frustrations of time getting sorted. old school methods work when modern lets ye down
      happy stitching
      chat again soon


        Ah, I have yet to try sewing outdoors, although I would like to! My machine of choice would be one of my hand cranks though - no electricity required! I had forgotten that Singer made an aluminum 201. So cool you have a treadled 201. You don't see those here in the US often. Helen is the moderator at TreadleOn - that's how I know her. Glad she could be of help to you. I love looking at her parts on line.

        Sorry to hear about the "gravity experiment" - glad himself is okay!

        It is hard being without water or hot water temporarily when things go amiss. We live on a well and our water heater is electric so if we have no power we have no water or hot water (but can draw water directly from the tank and heat it like you are doing). Have had to do it for short duration a couple of times - not fun! Hope you get your hot water working soon! Thank goodness for old school methods - yes they do still work! LOL


          Hi friends,
          here is a tale of my featherweight, it came into my life via ebay advertised as sewing but arrived none sewing,
          a learning experience, you tubes led me to put the bobbin case assembly the right way i.e. hook to the flat, and it sewed very nicely for quite a time
          until one day while sewing squares, the stitch went from perfect to constant bird nest underneath.

          all the usual issues:
          thread caught in bobbin assembly
          and timing were checked,
          it seemed the bobbin case was the later version ending in 1 spoken about on you tubes, in books, to cause issues, the featherweight was put away for a time.

          yesterday decided to have another look at the featherweight, and compared with one that was sewing.
          firstly checked the flat edge needle was right way, threaded right way.
          switched my bobbin case ending in 1 to 0 which worked on the one that worked, on this still a bad bird nest from upper thread.
          cleaned tensions
          checked feed dogs were working and above the plate
          still birds nest
          took face plate off nothing loose
          took base cover off
          everything was tight
          side by side turned the balance wheels
          checked needles were both at right height for the hook,
          moved balance wheel looking at the stitch

          the only difference was the thread was slacker during the needle going threw the fabric, on the bird nesting machine
          checked needle was at right height for hook to collect thread same on both machines again


          then looking at both machines saw the chrome take up lever was at a different height to the one that sew, it was close but not the same,

          looked in face plate end
          saw the joint that connects to the upper drive shaft to needle bar was at a different angles to the one that sew

          using a flat headed screw driver put it through the rear hole it is above the presser lever, undid the very tight screw on rear upper drive shaft. caution this screw should not be fully removed, just slackened.

          the screw joint that needed to move was hidden behind the needle bar, so moved balance wheel, put screw driver on the screw that was out of alignment turned, so was the same angle as other sewing machine

          had to tighten the screw on end of upper shaft this was not easy as it had moved 180 degrees from rear access hole to front, a small screw driver got it side wards, till slightly gripped, but had to turn balance wheel till lined up with access hole again
          once tight tried sewing via the balance wheel not motor

          would you believe it, the sewing machine now sews x creates a lovely stitch with both bobbin cases.
          the problem
          some how the take up lever joints moved out of factory setting position during sewing patchwork squares, why will never know, am so happy to be able to use again.
          may treat it to a polish

          am writing this here in the hope, it may save 6 hrs of trying to fettle should this happen to yours,
          not seen this issue anywhere before so may be a one off.
          then again print it out and give it to your repairer.
          was exhausted mentally after all this.
          happy stitch creating


            Been having a strange issue with the 201 treadle, the speed of the treadling is changing the stitch length, the stitch length lever is still at -10-".

            my immediate thought was the feed dogs were loose, no tight.

            Then thought the stitch length mechanism screw under balance wheel was loose, no also tight.

            decided to oil machine while pondering next check, removed needle, while oiling dropped the oil bottle,
            while mopping up the little splashes noticed the feed dogs were up presser down but mopping up cloth was easily passing through under foot.
            this led to me looking at the screw on the presser bar, (its behind face plate)
            it was tight, so loosened lowered the bar so foot touched the feed dogs then re tightened screw.
            tried sewing and everything is back to normal operation again, perhaps sewing the tucks in masks raised it.
            happy its working again:-)
            virtual hugs


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