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    Tools for sewing machines

    As I work on my lovely sewing machines, I never seem to have the right sized slot screwdriver. What tools do you all recommend?
    Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.

    I have an assortment of size of screwdrivers and different length. There not any particular brand name.

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      I have several original singer screwdrivers large small & in between. These are pretty standard for using on all brands. Are you looking for a specific size? I have duplicates, and could possibly part with one. They are stamped as singer with the part number.
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        I attended a Ray Elkins workshop a couple of years ago, and splurged on a set of hollow ground screwdriver bits, made for gunsmithing. He goes to some length explaining why you need to use these on sewing machine screws - the tips are shaped differently than standard screwdrivers at the hardware store, so don’t strip out the screws. I have seen them mentioned on other old sewing machine forums as well. I do like them for working on my old machines.
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          I have a great set of tools made by Chapman which seam to popular amongst vsm lovers. They have a kit specifically for sewing machines:

          My husband got me the pink cased one for Christmas last year. If you click to their home page you can see the variety of kits they make. I love mine.


            when restoring the 201 had to use an impact screw driver on one of the screws, it was terrifying, as the screw went through cast so dare not hit it too hard with hammer.
            other wise used a screw driver with different ends similar to this
            and also used narrow handled normal flat screw drivers, x a set of spanners.
            the throat plate screws I tighten then slackened off just slightly so can easily remove next time. i also use this for the clutch little screw
            thankfully these are the only screws need to remove for servicing everything else is thumb screws


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