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    Found a treadle machine!

    I have been looking for a treadle machine to add to my sewing machine collection for a number of years. I have found machines out of their cabinets with no cabinets to be had, the cabinet without the machine or a machine in a cabinet but in just too bad of a shape for me to feel confident about getting since I want to get it into working condition. But last week while on vacation with hubby, there it was... just waiting for me. Yes, it needs work but it isn't rusted, the cabinet is in fairly good shape, the treadle is connected to the wheel (quite a few of them I saw didn't have that connecting piece) and turns freely. I took a picture of the seriel # and did some research on it back at our B & B over the next couple days and found out that it is a Singer 66, a redeye (which of course I knew as soon as I opened the table and lifted the machine up) and it was manufactured in 1910. All 4 drawers are in good shape in the cabinet and the only thing missing is a little knob on the tilt out drawer on the front. Even the belt is with it. Of course, it is in very bad shape. I decided that I wanted to give this little girl a home so we stopped and picked it up on our way home on Friday.

    I am just so very excited to have this machine .
    Ginny B

    Congratulations! These old machines are fun to clean up and play with. Singer 66 (Redeye) is a good one to choose, they are so pretty and it’s easy to find parts for them if needed. They use standard needles, too. Pictures please!
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      Ooooo yes, pictures please!
      Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.


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