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    1912. 66 Treadle.

    Am a UK Treadler, love all aspects of restoring and using the treadle sewing machines and creating.
    it seems funny to join now when selling my first treadle, yes I have 3 more!! there should be a warning these are addictive.
    wanted to tell the brief story of this treadle.
    The treadle was bought after buying a 128 hand crank, finding hand cranking over a period of time was very hard work. was recovering a chair at the time of the power surge which compromised the plastic fantastic. (this is a happy name not in anyway putting plastic machines down)

    A power source needed to be found, having the plastic fantastic sewing machine die, put me off another electric powered machine, so found a treadle.

    The fil came with me to pick the treadle up, was somewhat bemused by the seller and me talking an unknown to him language. AkA sewing
    the treadle came with a 66 sewing machine, the head had been stored in an attic, for many years. cleaned the treadle irons then
    used the 128 while sorting the 66 head. Treadling to finish the chair was recovering.

    The 66 machine head was stuck, bad body work bad tar on chrome, did the ultimate sin in some eyes, removed parts and sanded down to bare metal, repainted the body of the 66, added decals from Florida. was fairly chuffed at the outcome.

    Then came to un seize the machine,
    before painting took a lot off parts off, added tomato sauce to the parts, they cleaned overnight!. (reduced eating tomato sauce after seeing that) started to put back together when realised had somehow lost the timing.
    did not know anything about timing, several hours learning, this machine has no marks, thankfully managed to retime the needle and hook. and always remembered never to undo that part ever again .
    managed to find a bobbin cover, found some shine on the front / rear plates.
    the 66 machine was supplied without a base, the oh made one from a palate wood, it sits on the table top with the belt running through.
    researching the number on machine it was made January / June 1912 in a quantity of 30000.
    Once finished got chance to use, loved it. made many items.
    am sad to sell this treadle it was my first, having a steep learning curve, am thankful people shared info on internet to help me restore this 1912. 66 treadle back into sewing life...
Vintage Sewing Machines

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