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    Now I'm hooked

    Hi, everybody. I am joining your group today. I have never owned a vintage machine, until recently when I rescued a Singer 201 from a local thrift store - sitting out in the rain! I was a little scared to try cleaning it up, but, hey, I was only out $10 and there is lots of information on the internet. So I dived in and started cleaning and oiling. Lo and behold, after it was oiled up, it actually runs. The cabinet was in very sorry shape, but I glued down all the peeling laminate and filled in the spots where it was missing, then refinished the whole thing with chalk paint and waxed it. Sewed my first block on it today, one for the Farm Girl Vintage sew along group. It is so smooth and quiet, and sews perfect stitches. I am feeling ridiculously proud of myself for accomplishing this!

    Now I keep thinking about my MIL's old treadle machine, which has been in storage for 20 years. I have never been brave enough to try restoring it, but maybe......
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    Jump in and do it! I have a 201 and use it primarily for piecing. Love that thing. Mine was only $14 and the cabinet is quite passable. One down for you and a dozen or more to go.
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    Vintage Sewing Machines

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