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    ISO.....1969 Singer Featherweight

    Where's the best place to find a good machine at a reasonable price?

    I'm looking for a 1969 221K Singer Featherweight.

    I found one! Her name is Delta Marie and she is being shipped to me from upper CA. Can't wait to get her.


      How exciting! Has she arrived yet?

      I'm hopefully picking mine up next week.


        She arrived Friday. I'm going to get her cleaned and serviced before I try to sew with her. She's almost in perfect shape so I got really lucky. She did not come with a very nice case (this one is quite worn and has a replacement handle), nor did she come with any accessories like feet, etc. I was more concerned with the Year model I wanted than anything else.

        Which one did you find?


          This video is super for case refurbishing. I did everything she recommended except the markers and the final shoe polish on three cases I was doing for 4H. I also got to clean and test out the Featherweights...1947, 1948 and 1957. I was realllly enjoying myself!
 When I returned them they thought I had replaced the cases! Hope this helps.
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