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    Featherweight headache.... probably self inflicted.

    I have a few machines as well. But I've been struggling with my 1960's white Featherweight.
    I kept having issues, so I bit the bullet and had it fully serviced. He oiled, cleaned and replaced the belt. It was pricey, but I really want to have a solid steady workhorse to do my main piecing.
    I pulled it out the other night and I'm starting to think my issues were from the USER not the machine.

    What I'm having issues with it that the threads don't 'flow' out when I pull a piece away after sewing to cut it loose. They catch, they won't come or they break. Could I have it threaded wrong? Could I have the bobbin wrong? (I tried to look at diagrams to make sure I'd doing it right) Or do I need to find a specific needle up sweet spot that it doesn't catch? I've gotten spoiled with my modern brother stopping with the needle up. I'm trying to learn to turn the needle to up before I flip up the foot. it's frustrating me and makes me not want to sew. Boooo....

    Check out the featherweight group on Facebook. Dave that runs the site is very helpful. He has a shop and works on those machines. Good luck, I'm thinking it's user error as well.


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