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    Featherweight foot pedal

    I can't figure out this foot pedal and how it is supposed to be used. I'm assuming the cord belongs at the top. Then that means the solid part is at the top, then those two weird buttons. The button on the right is fixed and doesn't move. The button on the left is what provides power to the machine, I call it the working button.

    So I've tried a few different placements of my foot. I'm not happy with any of them.
    - Placing my toes on the main solid part means the working button is under the arch of my foot. No contact.
    - Moving my foot further down so my toes are resting on the solid part leaves the ball of my foot on the working button. ok, but not comfortable.
    - Moving even further down, my big toe is on the working button. It works, but it's so odd. I just feel like there's this big ol pedal and only my big toe is on the pedal.

    Help me!

    I use my ball of the foot or big toe as well. Here is a group on FB that you may like to talk with. Featherweightology Great group.


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