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    What kind of Vintage Machines do you have?

    Let's get this thing started with a discussion about the Vintage machines we have and love (or not!!) Since Vintage Machines are like potato chips - you can't have just one - let's see who has what machines. Not intended to "brag" - just so that we will know which machines others have if we have a question.

    I'll start.

    Morse Machines - 1950's were made in Japan by Toyota Motor Company after the war, all are Super Dial (RLP-5):

    Marilyn Rose - (my favorite) a beautiful rich pink
    Donnie Blue - Blue, of course (I also had Bonnie Blue, but loaned her out and probably won't get her back)
    Lily Mae - a pretty green
    Evelyn - a charcoal grey


    Linda - Mocha 301a long bed (just like the one my Mom had that I learned to sew on)
    Myrtle - Black 301a short bed
    Pansy - 1922 66 Handcrank

    White Rotary:

    Embossed - Black - don't know if there is a model number. About 1930 in original cabinet.


    Hot Coral 1960's Brother Festival 461. Doesn't work. Just looks pretty. (broken Plastic gears. UGH)


    Not sure whether this is considered Vintage but I have had it a long time. Bought it new in 1988-89. Very good machine, used mostly now for when I need a zigzag stitch and also do some FMQ.

    Have a good day, everyone! Happy Sewing!

    I currently have a Pfaff 30 straight stitch that was made in England in the late 40s to early 50s. I only have the one foot that came with it. Would love to find additional accessories for it. I found this in a junk store in Canada and only paid $20 so can't complain.
    I also have (found at the same junk store) an Anker Treadle ZigZag. This machine was sold to the junk shop by the original owner's great grandson. It is in pristine condition, has four stitch plates, seven feet and the original manual (which is in German). $20 for this one too. Not bad.
    I love both of them. I have used the Pfaff 30 for a few things but haven't really used the treadle yet, just tested it to make sure it worked.


      1901 Singer Treadle with lots of attachments/feet. I'm still learning what they all do. Thankfully most of my questions on use and care have been found on the internet.

      This is the type of sewing machine I first learned to sew with. Hemmed my dress for a dance. Still remember trying to keep the darn machine going forward with that peddle.

      Click HERE to find me and My imagination


        I have a Pfaff 130 but it is missing a foot pedal, so I don't even know if it works. It weighs a ton.
        I also have a Brother from the mid 60s, that I love sewing on.


          I have an Eureka toy machine from my childhood in the late 70s (does it count?) It doesn't have any bobbin, it does a chain stitch. It was my first handcrank.

          I believe I was gifted it to prevent from my playing with my grandma's treadle, now in my possession. It is an Alfa (Spanish clone of Singer 15) that I have posted some blurry pics of in my albums. I also own a family inherited Singer 28 K handcrank in very bad shape, and another one DH bought for me so that I could learn to wind and use a shuttle bobbin.


            I have a singer 221. 1955 feather weight. Singer universal I just picked up for 20.00. So the year I have not figured out yet.


              I love my vintage machines, I don't own any new ones.

              Edna is a Singer 1910 model 28 handcrank I am sewing a pinwheel quilt on her she has a shuttle bobbin

              Sophie is a Singer 1930 model 99 handcrank she is my main machine. I sew most everything on her. I have quilted a queen size on her, stitch in the ditch, I love this machine!

              Vikktor is a 1926 Frister and Rossmann model E handcrank from Germany. He has a shuttle bobbin and goes in reverse as well. Stitches beautifully.

              PFritz is a 1937 Pfaff model 11 handcrank. I have sewn just a little on him and he sews well. He also has a shuttle bobbin

              Scarlett is a 1868 Gold Medal handcrank she is really cute and I did some test sewing on her, great stitches. She doesn't have a case so I will need to make one for her.

              Eleanore is a Singer 1934 model 15 Treadle. She was my Husbands great grandmother's. She came with bobbins, lots! Haven't sewn on her yet, but plan to use the big box of 2 inch squares I got from mom and sew a scrappy top.

              I also have a 1912 Fredrich Muller toy model 0 handcrank. It is a chain stitch machine. My mother in law gave it to me.

              My electric machines:

              Edna is a 1954 Elna Supermatic. She is green and has the metal case. She came with a zigzag cam. I tested her out and she sews fast and has a great stitch. It is nice to have a machine with a free arm for sewing into pockets and cuffs.

              Ellie is a 1957 Singer Featherweight. My mother in law gave her to me. I just tested her, but haven't sewn with her.

              All my machines except the toy and the Gold medal came with manuals and bentwood cases, Featherweight has her case.

              I don't think I will get any more, my sewing room is pretty full, but who knows!


                Wow Quilting RN you got some oldies. I would love to find a handcrank machine. Some time you should post pics of them.


                  Just joined the club a few weeks ago. Obtained my first vintage...a Singer 301 that I love! Favorite part... I can work on it myself. Can't say that about my Bernina 820..�� I also have my first machine...a Singer Futura that I got when I was 11 - that makes it 42 years old. I guess it's getting to the point of being vintage. Cool part is that it's a slant shank too, so all my attachments and feet work on my 301. I'm also in possession of an old treadle machine that I have been unable to identify. It's a rusty mess, but I'm hoping I can bring it back to life.


                    I have a New Royal treadle that was my grandma's, so I call it Spencer. It still works, but the last time I got it out to show, the belt disintegrated. I need to find the serial number to look up how old it is.

                    A 1926 Singer 99-13 in it's bentwood case. It's cast iron makes it super heavy, so I call him Samson.

                    A Singer Featherweight in it's case. I forget how old this one is.


                      What a find yesterday....went to an estate sale to look at a sewing cabinet for my 301... Just one to sit it on top of, and when I got there, the lady opened it up (cabinet was in great shape) but inside was a mint 403A! Has all the cams, tons of feet and attachments...even a walking foot still in the box! The cabinet was also full of rulers, quilting pins, new cotton thread...I actually hit the jackpot...first time ever. If she had just had a stash of fabric for sale, that would have been the icing on the cake. But, I'm thrilled with the find. Getting the cabinet cleaned out now, and gonna oil the machine and give her a spin this afternoon.


                        Added a new baby to my collection yesterday... Well actually 2 since I last posted. I found a sewing cabinet at an estate sale a month or so back, and to my surprise, it had a spotless Singer 401 in it, plus about $200 worth of attachments and rulers and other sewing stuff. I only paid $100 for the whole thing. Didn't really want the 401 since it's a zigzag machine, so I've been looking for a 401 to replace it. They're hard to find in Texas, and if you do, they want an arm and a leg for them.

                        We were heading into the Midwest for vacation this week, so started looking at craigslist in the states we will be visiting...found a 401 in Oklahoma for $125. Talked the lady into $100 since we drove all that way just for the was off the path of where we were going. I was totally surprised she took $100 for it since it was in an antique mall. I was thrilled!!! If you're ever in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, visit Jade on Main. It's a really neat antique mall and they had several nice machines for really reasonable prices. If I had had room, I'd also being sporting a 99 in a cabinet for $100. Would have had to leave the luggage or the hubs behind.

                        Will post pictures of my new babies when I get back home. Still on the lookout for a 50s Japanese version to convert into a treadle. Hopefully I'll find one on this trip.
                        Next stop......Missouri quilt....yeah!!!


                          Found my first treadle last summer. I've been looking for ages. I have never heard of this brand of the machine. I don't know anything about it. The cabinet is in great shape. You can tell this machine was used a lot! It came with a ton of feet (still in the box), bobbins, a seam ripper, several packages of belts, and a pack of needles. The needles don't look like they are very old. In a package that I would purchase at the local sewing store. Here are a few photos. If someone can tell me anything about this machine I would be very grateful. It needs a new belt. There are several packages of belts in the drawers. But you can tell they are very old too. I don't know if the belts will hold up if I try to put them on. The machine needs to be oiled and cleaned. I really would love to find an owners manual for it. I have pictures in my machine album.

                          Thanks in advance for all your help in finding out the info about this machine. Happy sewing! Deb


                            I just joined, since I recently realized what a treasure I have in my vintage machines.

                            My main machine is a Featherweight 221-1. I need to figure out the serial number so I can find out how old it is. It is in the original case with the overhead tray. I just had the foot control wiring replaced and put in an LED light bulb.

                            My mom's Singer 99 needs some parts and a repair on the case. At some point, someone didn't undo both the case latches and tried to 'tilt' the cover off instead of lifting it straight up. This cracked the wood around the pivoting latch. Cool thing about this one, I also have the sewing box that matches.

                            I have a 1960s Kenmore in the (HUGE) table. It's in storage right now because I don't have room for it at my house. I have all the cams and bits and bobs still. Weighs a ton and sews like a tank LOL. This is the only one that has a zigzag stitch without a specialty attachment.

                            And I'm in the process of trying to restore a treadle cabinite and looking for a head to go into it. The base is a Singer.


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