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Very new beginners quil.ting!

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    Techniques for Sashing with cornerstones

    I'm a relatively new quilter - started 10 years ago with lessons. Made a sampler quilt and a couple of smaller projects. Then, left everything - except for collecting fabric and ideas.

    Now, I've begun a patriotic quilt for my oldest son - to be taken to him in October when we visit him for the first time in 5 years.

    The pattern I'm using is a Fons & Porter QOV - with a repetitive block - but with a contrasting sashing with cornerstone blocks.

    Have any of you tackled this kind of a project?

    Would love to hear your ideas.
Very new beginners quil.ting!

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I very new at the whole quilting thing and so far i really like it. just want get get some friends on here and so lil help with things.
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