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Very new beginners quil.ting!

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    Just Beginning

    Hiya everyone, I am also new to quilting, and honestly, I havent't finished anything yet lol. I work fulltime and watch my 15 month old grandson when needed, and also take my Mom to all her appointments, errands etc, so it seems when I finally sit down to start something I need to go. I have started a very pretty pink rag quilt for my Granddaughter, and I just ordered 2 *Flurry* jelly rolls and am working on the Super fast jelly roll quilt, slow but sure, butI am moving along. I am eager to learn, I love the scrappy look, my granmother made alot of quilts, most being the scrappy kind, I think of her everytime I see one of those. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and Happy Quilting!!

    Hi ! and Welcome. I'm pretty new to all this myself. Sewed a lot when the kids were little (they are 36 and 40 now). Then I got away from it and used my old, heavy duty 543 Singer for mending....but couldn't see to thread the needle.

    Got the quilting bug from a co-worker (young girl / 33) and now I believe I should be sending her my credit card statement! Just saying! Seriously, bought myself a new Singer and lo and behold.....the needle threads itself! Wooo Hooo!

    Tune in to Jenny's tutorials here or on youtube. She makes it look SO easy and you know what? IT IS?

    I'll be back to post some pictures.

    I also work full time and seem to find little time to is annoying! I tell people I'm buying up material for when I retire and am 'living on a limited income'.

    I did just buy a Singer Serger (Amazon special deal).....anyone have any thoughts about that? It all looks kind of interesting yet intimidating.
    ~ Debby

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    Very new beginners quil.ting!

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    I very new at the whole quilting thing and so far i really like it. just want get get some friends on here and so lil help with things.
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