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    October's UFO Number is ...

    October's UFO number is 2! Good luck with finishing another project. 2017 has been a very unproductive year for me, hoping I get something done before January!

    Here is the list of previous month's UFOs: January - 6; February - 12; March - 7; April - 11; May - 3; June - 1; July - 10; August - 4; September - 8
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    Thanks Sylvia for the new number, I have also been a bit busy this year and I have not finished many UFOs, although I have three almost finished next week I can show a couple of them and I hope finished eight of my nine UFOs, the other one will be for the next year, I hope that somebody is encouraged to form a group


      Thanks for picking #2, I just got done sewing the binding on! Guess that means I can work on completing some of the months I didn't get finished.


        Always look forward to the new number, but I'm not sure why. I'm still working on the same quilts.... but thanks for drawing the new number.


          I started a different Christmas project than the one I listed as #2 and I'll stick with this one, and if I get it done before the end of October I will either start the original heirloom Christmas sampler or work on finishing up my teal wall hanging...or work on more nativity cross stitching. Thanks for the number, Sylvia


            Thanks for the number but at the moment I am so far behind because I only get half a day to sew! For now on I will have much more time -newly retired!!
            Will need to finish the Christmas throw for DD - I want to gift at the end of the month for her birthday - thankfully it is on my list. After that I will start where I left off, March I think and will work through my UFO's.


              My number 2 is a wallet for the office girl at hubbys work. I did that long time ago so will try again this month to get sons bear quilt sandwiched.
              sigpic:icon_hug: Iris Girl = April = fabric, Fabric FABRIC!!
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                #2 is the ugliest of my pending quilt tops. As my work schedule gets better by the middle of the month I might get back to quilting July's project. Or work on August's and September's. This latter is an Advent calendar comissioned by my sister... For Advent 2016.


                  I fell behind these past couple of months due to working on a couple of special request quilts, which didn't end up being UFO's so I'm calling it even!
                  I finally finished September's project of quilting and binding the Bear Paw quilt, and still need to complete August and October.


                  The Fantastic Finishing Group

                  About this Group

                  Do you have some UFOs (UnFinished Objects) that you want to finish? Are you having a hard time choosing what to finish next, or are you just not feeling motivated? This group is for you! We have a fun way to get those projects done in 2017.

                  Here is how it works.

                  First, you create a list, numbered from 1 - 12, of things you want to finish. Then, you post your list to this group. (You can edit and change your list at any time.)

                  Every month, this group will publish a random number between 1 - 12. We will each work on that number from our list. When you have finished your project, please post a picture here as well.

                  We’re here to support each other. It’s amazing how knowing what project to tackle helps to motivate us to finish what we start.
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