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    February accomplishments and March's number

    Update! We now have 15 completed projects, as kderr finished a 3rd project!

    As best as I can tell - from pictures and posts - nine of our members completed 14 projects. Congratulations to the following:

    Mary UK
    lourixe - finished 3 projects
    kderr - fiished 3 projects
    CarolynT - finished 2 projects
    Iris Girl - finished 2 projects

    A 'well done' to everyone!

    And now, drum roll please, the March number is ....... 7 (Lourixe - now you have more time to find your project #3. It is a true mystery quilt.)

    Wishing you all a successful finish for next month.
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    We still have one more day in February so I just had to squeeze one more in before months end. Just finished it last night. YEAH


      Yeah!!! 7 is another blank month for me. I can continue working on my BOM. Have all the blocks done except the center medallion and a few corner setting blocks. It's coming along. Also have 2 more...1 that needs a final border and a backing pieced, and the other needs the last backing seams sewn. Quilt those and they're done. I better get on the ball cause April will be a busy month and I don't think I'll get another blank month when that number is drawn. Congrats to all who are doing so well on their finishes! They are beautiful. I'm still waiting on some of those doll clothes in my size...


        7 for me is to finish the labyrinth quilt I have been working on. Its 9 big blocks 5 are now quilted 4 more to go then quilt the border and bind. Lets hope I can get this almost 2 year UFO done before it becomes 2 years old!
        sigpic:icon_hug: Iris Girl = April = fabric, Fabric FABRIC!!
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          # 7 for me is quilting a scrap quilt. I hope I can get motivated to do it. I do not enjoy the actual quilting part of the process. I have a small machine and quilting a large quilt is often frustrating. Wish me luck.


            Sew-what, I understand you perfectly. That's why I have been procrastinating with all my large quilt tops. I love FMQing, but I am terribly limited by the small size of my machine.
            My #7 is also a large project: Jamestown Landing pattern from Bonnie Hunter. The blocks are all ready, waiting in their pizza box. I am now considering assembling them in fourths that I would quilt separately, and sewing the four sandwiches together at the end. I really want to be able to custom quilt this project.


              I may have to do another number switch-o-roo here. My #7 is the Social Butterfly that I pieced a year ago, and I absolutely love it! It's the one that I most wanted to be 100 percent, my work. But time constraints, size, and FMQ skills right now aren't cooperating. So I'm debating switching #s and finishing something else, or sending this one out to the Longarm Lady.


                Add one more to make that an even ten!! I got one of mine done just under the wire at 11:30 at night on the 28th, but I was too darn tired to come post about it !!!!

                I finished my #10, I'll need to see what you #7 is!!


                  Not finished the February UFO so I need to get a wiggle on!! March UFO is a D9P - tough luck for me as I still have to make some more blocks before sandwiching etc!!


                    I haven't finished either #6 or #12 yet. #7 is another FMQ project, a medium sized wall hanging. Just maybe I can get it done! I have tons of machine applique and FMQ on my list this year. Two of my bugaboos. I'm a piecer at heart, but I LOVE to get things finished and in use. So onward and upward!


                      Can't seem to make any progress on #7 UFO. The sandwich is done...did that 4 days ago but haven't touched it since. I keep finding excuses not to start the quilting.


                        Found my #3UFO! In the laundry room at the country house. Never remember having taken it there... Elves? Mice?


                          For some reason I can't get pictures to load, not just here but anywhere. I think it's time to get a new computer!
                          I finally received bobbins for my Juki so I can quilt my January project (I love having three sewing machines). I finished my February project on March 3rd so I count it as a win. My March project is another table runner so I will be able to quilt my surf board quilt this month if my shoulder cooperates.



                            I am still working on 6 it happened to be the UFO that I had the least amount done and its a King. I am putting the center together now but its slow going.
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                            First, you create a list, numbered from 1 - 12, of things you want to finish. Then, you post your list to this group. (You can edit and change your list at any time.)

                            Every month, this group will publish a random number between 1 - 12. We will each work on that number from our list. When you have finished your project, please post a picture here as well.

                            We’re here to support each other. It’s amazing how knowing what project to tackle helps to motivate us to finish what we start.
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