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    2 Finishes this month, list of this year's plan...

    2 finishes already in January, (I will try and add pics later):
    1. Baby boy quilt and smug monster (quilt by me, monster by older DD) for gift.
    2. Kantha style bed runner finished and listed in shop

    To finish:
    1. Finish hand piecing and hand quilt large hexagon quilt for shop. (made from vintage sheets)
    2. Jeweled square inspired quilt for younger DD (top in progress)
    3. Crochet Fusion quilt for shop (taking forever!)
    4. Migrating geese for my bed (top in progress)

    Bucket list:
    1. Triangle quilt from hexie scraps for shop
    2. sewing machine cover
    3. sashiko repair on younger DD's jeans
    4. quilt for older DD (yet to be determined)
    5. finish organizing craft room
    6. table toppers and mug rugs for shop
    7. stuffed animals from vintage sheets

    I try not to have too many UFO's, I find that if I work on a project from start to finish, it is much more likely actually get finished than when I set it aside...


    I agree, things are more likely to get done if I never set them aside in the first place! Welcome to the forum, I look forward to seeing what you've made. Do you mind my asking what "the shop" is? The stuffed animals from vintage sheets sounds awesome ;-)


      Congrats on the finishes!


        The "shop" is my Etsy shop. I actually had my first quilt sale in February! Sold the kantha-style bed runner just a couple of weeks after listing it and then the customer sent me a custom order for a coordinating pillow. So, had to make that before I could continue with the rest of my list! Will post a pic of the pillow.

        I would like to make stuffed animals from vintage sheets to go with the baby/twin size quilts (also from vintage sheets) that I have listed in my shop. My daughter also makes them from felted sweaters. She's very creative and they are too cute!

        I don't have a #7 on my finish list, so I will keep making progress on a large hexie (sides are 3.5") twin size quilt I am hand piecing and hand quilting. Piecing is almost done, then I will be big stitch quilting it.


        The Fantastic Finishing Group

        About this Group

        Do you have some UFOs (UnFinished Objects) that you want to finish? Are you having a hard time choosing what to finish next, or are you just not feeling motivated? This group is for you! We have a fun way to get those projects done in 2017.

        Here is how it works.

        First, you create a list, numbered from 1 - 12, of things you want to finish. Then, you post your list to this group. (You can edit and change your list at any time.)

        Every month, this group will publish a random number between 1 - 12. We will each work on that number from our list. When you have finished your project, please post a picture here as well.

        We’re here to support each other. It’s amazing how knowing what project to tackle helps to motivate us to finish what we start.
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