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    Quilt group doing Stash Blocks

    We are doing a Stash Block Swap in our monthly quilt group that meets at the library. Each month each person must bring 2 blocks made from their stash. We are doing 12" blocks and one block must have the year, one block must have our quilt name, GREATFUL THREADS (I know it is spelled wrong, but we felt we are great!), one block must have Sit and Quilt (the name we had before the new one) and the rest must have your name. We will end in November (12 blocks) and then each person will get two blocks from each person and must come up with a quilt or wall hanging. It should be very interesting! I will post our projects in December. I can tell you so far we have some interesting blocks and colors.

    Just another way to use up those stash fabrics.

    Sounds like fun!
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      Sharp idea.
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        Have fun,,, the BEST things come from groups i think.... ) GB
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          We did something like that years ago but our goal was to introduce people to colors. So many were locked into matchy matchy on colors. I ran the demo and asked everyone to bring in 12 -2.5 inch strips 13 inches long. Each strip had to have a color that matched a color in one of the other strips. And they all had to be different. They had to put them in a paper bag. Surprisingly 15 women brought in their machines. Before we started I told all of them to pass their bag to the left. You should have seen the faces. Then I told them that they had to reach in and pull out 2 strips and sew them together. What ever strip they pulled out after that they had to sew to one side or the other. No picking and choosing. When they were done we separated predominantly cream and white and ended up with enough 12.5" blocks to make 2 lap quilts. I took them home, quilted them and brought them back to the next meeting. Simple scrap quilts. What it did was show people that even though none of the blocks matched and none of the scraps in each block matched it worked. It changed the way several people chose colors after that.
          sigpic my goal is to be as good a person as my dogs already think I am


          Shop The Stash First Challenge

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          The only rule for this group is to challenge yourself to create projects entirely from your collected stash and post pictures and project ideas here to spark creativity amongst the group.

          We all enjoy shopping for patterns and fabrics for new projects and in our excitement for the new and interesting older projects and finds get forgotten. Sometimes, we find single fabulous prints in fat quarters, pre-cuts or yardage that don't fit any specific plan. Make a plan for them!

          There is no timeline on this group, it is just a place other quilters can come looking for fun ideas that don't require an order or a trip to the store
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