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    I fell off the Stash wagon!

    It is true confessions time! Yesterday, I went to a quilt show with my sister. This show comes to my area every year, and I try to plan for it - financially. I knew I was going to spend at least $20, because there are two vendors who sell fat quarters for $1.00. One vendor requires you to buy 10 FQs to get that price, but the other vendor does not. It is easy to tell that these FQs are cut from the end of bolts. But, no matter, they are still good quilting cotton, and that is what is important to me.

    Now, what I forgot was that there is also another vendor that sells FQs, 1/2 yds and yardage at very good prices. In past years, their FQs were $2.25, but $2.00 each if you bought 10 or more. These are not end of the bolt remnants, and the selection is excellent. And I usually get at least 10 from this vendor also. This year, they were charging $2.00 for a FQ, and reducing it to $1.85 for 10 or more. Well, I ended up buying 16 from them! I left the quilt show with 47 - FORTY SEVEN - new fat quarters!!!!!!! (Oh, I forgot to mention the 8 batik FQ - which are part of the 47.)

    Now, I am not even going to mention my two recent purchases from Craftsy! Oh, I better explain them, too! Flannel for my grandson's Christmas PJ (an approved purchase). But the rest - all large cut purchases, mostly to be used as backing, but with no particular projects in mind. (AKA, really unnecessary purchases - but great buys.)

    The only way to manage this is to go 'cold turkey'. There will be absolutely NO unnecessary fabric purchases for the rest of this year. I do put in the qualifier - unnecessary. I may not have enough fabric for the backing, or need more batting, or even border material (I do want to make pretty, quilts, right?). This means I am not going to my favorite quilt shop to take advantage of the 20% discount they are giving me because this is my birthday month. (oh, the temptation!)

    And, herein ends my true confessions. I'll hold my own feet to the fire on this - but feel free to poke if needed!
    If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.- Zig Ziglar

    Love your note of confession..... I gave up on "promising" to myself...LOL especially when i can find fabrics that might just be good "sashing" and resemble or are SOLIDS... As you've seen, many of my quilt backs are "combos" or colors and pattern that "work"... for me it's Find the piece that works and uses it all up!!!! LOL.. Whatever is left becomes a zipper bag... NOW all i have to do is try a chapstick holder!! I found one at Sew4home and hope it is easy... wondering which pattern you used,, ))) Hugs, Barbara/GB
    "Each day well-lived and Happy;
    that's all there is to Life!"


      I too have fallen off the stash wagon. It all started with a tremendous sale at connecting threads. I got a jr layer cake of solids for only $2.93. These are still onsale! And I did not have any solids in my stash. Then I shelled out money to get the family into a quilt show yesterday. I bought a pattern for my mother and a small piece of fabric, also the kaleidescope template at fqs. But truly I need to quit spending on fabric/tools and pile my money together to invest in a longarm. I played with one of those too yesterday and they said I was a natural (not sure if they were just trying to sell the machine). So now my fabric diet is still a diet, but saving all those pennies for a used longarm!
      Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.


        I bought fabric while on my cruise in Alaska. One store had their wool pieces at half off, so I grabbed what I thought I'd use. I couldn't help it! I figured it was okay, since I've been really good at home. I haven't bought a DD in ages, and my trips to HL have only been for backing.


          I'm using some stash, but always seem to need to add new purchases to make the projects work. Recently I have also been buying patterns again that will work with my stash (or so I tell myself). I'm always needing to buy backing for my quilts it seems because I really don't have much in the way of yardage. And solids I'm always needing to add to my other pieces.

          I bought a book with 6-8 different apron patterns that I plan to make some Christmas gifts out of using stash and I also bought a pattern for a cute tea cozy that is fat quarter friendly that would make cute gifts too.

          I've made a promise to myself to make a nice quilt with stash for a friend's daughter and her fiancé who are getting married this coming March.



            I have been mostly good I have actually been leaving stores with nothing! But I have had to buy batting or backings when my sense of color just would not let me just go with it. I did just go with it on a wedding quilt a cute little check fabric that looked great till it was on mass then looking at the back made me dizzy like really! I got seasick working on it or ironing. But I have completed four flimsies all out of stash, two table runners a Christmas stocking and a few other odds and ends so all in all doing the best I ever have
            Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.


              Ladies, you all sound so good compared to me. I am trying to use up material I have but last night I purchased two layer cakes for a king quilt for my grandson. He likes grey and yellow. I looked and looked but I had none and I mean "None" of either. I have used up most of my dog and chicken fabric and I have started cutting any small yardage into 5" or tumbler blocks. Using strips to make my rag rugs has helped a lot with the skinny strips. I have been saving 2.5 inch pieces to give to my guild for their sew ins. Now I need to make some kitchen mats with the strips or start another rug for the porch. My dog loves it. I'm actually proud of how good you all have been. At least you are not paying full price. And I think batting and backing can be excused.
              sigpic my goal is to be as good a person as my dogs already think I am


                Thanks for checking in Ediane.... great quilt pictures... I am on a roll around here and hubs is wondering if i will ever spend a day without some kind of quilting... heck,,, make hay while the sun shines right????
                "Each day well-lived and Happy;
                that's all there is to Life!"


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