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    Hello stash . . . long time no see

    I have been out of my sewing room since the end of January. I've completed a couple of mending jobs and made a few baby items for my sister, but I haven't been sewing any quilts! I met a couple of friends a week ago, and we made a Saturday Sew-Day. After sewing a couple of ironing boards, I got out a Bonnie Hunter project that had fallen by the wayside. It took me some time to figure out what I was doing with all the pieces. I had to spend some more time today going over the instructions and reorganizing the block components. I am especially glad to be back in the sewing room, and eager to get all those pieces assembled into a quilt top. This was the first day of a four-day weekend for me, so I hope to be able to make significant progress. The turn signals quit blinking on my car, so it went to the mechanic this afternoon. I'll be without it until Monday, so I won't be going too far from home.

    I am just eight weeks from summer break, but my teaching load will lighten in just four weeks. Lookout stash! You're going to be shrinking!

    I remember when I worked and how hard it was to sneak in sewing time since I really did not have a designated area. Now that we are retired it is nice to be able to leave it all set up and just be able to sit down and sew when I want. I had grandkids here a week and I missed my machine so much that I ended up cutting out all the pieces for a king quilt Prairie Flower. I have been ignoring my personal stuff and sewing QOV and guild donation. I already have fabric for a Christmas present and 3 personal quilts but I am trying to clean out scraps. Have fun this weekend. Sorry about the car.
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    Shop The Stash First Challenge

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    The only rule for this group is to challenge yourself to create projects entirely from your collected stash and post pictures and project ideas here to spark creativity amongst the group.

    We all enjoy shopping for patterns and fabrics for new projects and in our excitement for the new and interesting older projects and finds get forgotten. Sometimes, we find single fabulous prints in fat quarters, pre-cuts or yardage that don't fit any specific plan. Make a plan for them!

    There is no timeline on this group, it is just a place other quilters can come looking for fun ideas that don't require an order or a trip to the store
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