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Second Hand Rose

About this Group

The challenge for this group is to make a quilt from recycled fabric -- e.g., cast-off clothing/sheets/bedding/curtains from your family & friends, or from a thrift store or charity shop or garage sale. This is just for fun, not a contest or competition. New batting, thread, and interfacing are allowed.

The Rules:
1. All fabric, both front & back, must have been used for something else first -- like clothes or household goods. Not necessarily used by you. You can buy it at a garage sale or thrift shop, for example.
2. New batting, thread & interfacing is OK.
3. No firm deadline to finish, but let's shoot for starting in July 2014 and finishing by January 2015. You can work on other projects at the same time.
4. Any size quilt, minimum baby/throw size.
5. Have fun!
6. Be supportive!
7. It's just one quilt from recycled materials. Your other projects can be made with high end LQS fabric or M* or whatever you like. But maybe we will get hooked and do a second one.

-- G
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