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    Haven't been here for a while but I think we should get going on these scraps again. Mine are getting out of control.

    Been working on a fall string quilt and loving the beautiful strips of fabric that I've found in the stash. Should be doing more of this!


      Oh, I'm with you. My scraps are totally out of control! I will be moving my sewing room to a different room and want to be better organized with my scraps. How do all of you organize them? Do you cut your leftover material into sizes after you finish a project? Organize by color? I'm still trying to find a system that works for me.
      Ginny B


        I just saw this group...don't know how I missed it for several years. You might try looking on Bonni Hunters has an amazing way of organizing scraps. It has redefined my fabrics and I can find anything I'm looking for. Look forward to seeing what y'all do with your scraps.


          I found this article about Bonnie Hunter's scrap storage method.
          Thanks, tfrankum, for suggesting her blog.


            I'm a fairly new quilter, so don't have too much in the way of scraps, but I've been admiring string and selvage quilts/blocks. It just seems so wrong for me to cut up larger pieces of fabrics to make the string blocks. Maybe in another year!


              I am really loving the strip quilts. Have been throwing strips in a couple of bins for a while and finally got to them. Will try to post a picture (as soon as I figure this out)


                Added my scrap quilts. Most have been made in the last 2 years. The string quilt is the latest...finished last month for my mom. I'm addicted. Have a scrappy half square triangle quilt in the works. Should have enough to start putting blocks together in the next couple of months.


                  My new year's resolution is to use up my scraps to make yet another string quilt. So far I've made 23 x 12.5" blocks and I'm glad to say my scrap pile is going down. I'm also cutting 3.5", 2.5" and 5" squares out of the larger pieces and will be swapping scraps at my group's next two meetings.


                    Well I pulled my 2 buckets of leaf material and made a string quilt on 10 " M* paper. It turned out really cool. But I still have 2 buckets of leaf material.


                      I'm pleases with my progress so far. I've finished the top for a 16 patch scrappy and 36 string blocks which are trimmed to 12.5" and ready to be sewn together. What I don't understand is why this hasn't made much of a difference to the amount of scraps I have! I still have two bags full!


                        I'm in. All about busting stash. Let's keep it going.
                        Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress.

                        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.



                          I am an Emergency Department Nurse from Arizona.

                          I am seeking advice, ideas and help from people in the sewing and quilting communities.

                          We are faced with a serious shortage both N95 masks and standard surgical masks. We may only have a few weeks of these supplies once we begin getting inundated with patients suffering from this COVID 19 disease.

                          Not just nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers. Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services will need masks as well.
                          This shortage is all throughout the United States.

                          We cannot order more supplies because most of our Personal Protective Equipment was made in China, and there have been no shipments form China for over two months
                          Nor will there be any shipments
                          for the foreseeable future .

                          This is why your community may be of help.

                          Could your large network of individuals apply their talents and skills toward providing us with masks?

                          We will need millions upon millions of masks, all throughout the United States. All areas are faced with these shortages.

                          The masks would have to be constructed externally of tightly woven materials
                          Inner lining of cotton
                          Perhaps a sleeve or a pocket to hold a filter of some sort.

                          would also have be washable and stand up to heat.
                          Additionally they would need to be secured tightly to the face.

                          Please pass this message throughout the forums.

                          We will need these supplies everywhere.

                          The situations in the hospitals will become dire in the coming weeks and months as our hospitals become overfull with patients.

                          Please pass this idea and call for help.

                          Stay Healthy

                          Tricia Cashman
                          [email protected]


                          • SuzanneOrleansOntario
                            SuzanneOrleansOntario commented
                            Editing a comment
                            So sorry there is such a shortage of essential items to fight this pandemic. I know that many people are making various types of masks, but not certain what the material/ fabric would work best for liners? I am hopeful there will be sewists/qyuil ter's that will rise to the challenge.

                          My first task in lock down was to complete some of my scrappy UFOs. I managed 3 so I'm feeling very pleased with myself. Now I've started making masks. I've done some for my family and offered to make some for the care home my Mum is in but they don't need any (England). There is a local facebook group who make scrubs etc but because I don't have an overlocker I can't make scrubs. I'm waiting to see if they want me to make masks.


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