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    Kaffe vs. Kaffe collective

    Can somebody explain the difference between Kaffe Fassett vs Kaffe Collective fabrics, or Rowan collective...? Do I understand correctly, that if yardage says Kaffe Fassett is only his design...and fat quarter packs that say ...Kaffe collective may have other designers mixed in? but they sort of go together?
    Thank you in advance, Tatyana

    I know Brandon Mably and Phillip Jacobs are the other members of the Kaffe Collective. The three are designers who work together.

    This is from Brandon Mably's web site: "Brandon Mably designs knitwear patterns for Vogue Knitting and Rowan Yarns, and leads workshops in knitwear design and use of colour throughout the world.

    For over a decade, Brandon has been the Studio Manager of Kaffe Fassett Studio in London England, and has worked closely with Kaffe in the design, creation, and execution of knitwear, tapestry, patchwork, mosaic, and mixed media artwork. While working side by side with Kaffe, Brandon has honed his unique style of bold design and vibrant colour.

    Brandon travels throughout the world teaching workshops, learning from indigenous design styles, and finding inspiration from the people and communities he visits."

    I also found this about him: Westminster Fabrics

    I know he also designs fabric and quilts. Brandon Mably Designs | Quilt Designs

    I found this out about Philip Jacobs: Westminster Fabrics

    Kaffe's biography: Westminster Fabrics

    But to answer your question, packs that say "Kaffe Collective" could have fabric by these three. However you can find yardage attributed to each singly. Their fabrics sometimes do seem to match to each other in colors and theme of the prints, but not always.

    I hope this helps!


      very helpful, thank you!


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